It’s a tool to monitor hope.
A persistent drop in hope signals a mental health problem is present.
With one click you can ask the person to schedule an appointment. With another you can make a professional referral out.

Profile image of LCSW, School Counselor
LCSW, School Counselor“I cover over 410 HS students! HopeCheck shows me who is struggling. I just do a click to request they schedule an appointment with me.”
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MD, GP“HopeCheck is a reimbursable clinical test. It also promotes follow-up appointments or lets me refer my patients to our approved MH practitioner.”
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Psychologist“I get referrals from K-12 counselors and MDs who use HopeCheck. So, I decided to use it for my own practice as well. It keeps clients focused on hope!”
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College Academic Advisor“My goal is to help my college students graduate. When a student is struggling, I refer them to our counseling center. It helps them succeed!”
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Post Commander“Our VFW Post was doing haphazard buddy checks. With HopeCheck we can now target our buddy checks exactly to vets who need our call.”
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Pastor“I invited all my congregation to join my program. When I see someone losing hope, I click the link to request they schedule an appointment.”

We measure hope

When hope is high, mental health is strong. When hope is low, mental health is weak. By measuring hope, our service informs you of the earliest possible moment someone is experiencing a mental health issue.

We measure hope

Weekly reports show you when action is needed.

We flag participant hope scores as red, yellow, or green. When you see someone with troubling scores, click the “request an appointment” link or the “referral” link to follow-up with that person to get them help as needed.

Weekly reports show you when action is needed.

It takes you less than 60 seconds a week!

It is incredibly easy to use. Invite participants to join. You’ll get weekly reports on Wednesdays. If someone has low scores, request an appointment or refer them out. But please start! Early awareness is key to proper care.

It takes you less than 60 seconds a week!
HopeCheck helps you improve people’s lives.

Early intervention matters. It can prevent serious problems from developing. Helping people improve their mental health will give them a healthier, more productive, and safer life!

Insurance/medicare reimbursement

The ACA authorizes insurance / medicare reimbursement (with no copay) when you use an automated tool like HopeCheck.
CPT billing code: 96146.

About us

We are HopeCheck.Org LLC, a Delaware public benefits company with headquarters in Ave Maria, FL. We were started by a family foundation that lost a young family member to a mental health struggle. Promoting early intervention is our family’s goal. Early awareness leads to early intervention, which leads to healthier, happier lives.

Our team includes mental health practitioners, developers, and customer support team members. Our services are used by medical practitioners, psychologists, therapists, K-12 counselors, community police officers, pastors, veteran service organizations, college retention specialists, etc. We monitor hope scores for our subscribers. They can schedule appointments or make a referrals to ensure care is given.

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