Will keep students safer,
improves grades,
and boosts your retention.

Students often hide their mental health problems. Our tool tells K-12 counselors, academic advisors, and retention specialists which students are struggling so they can talk to them and get them care.

Profile image of Large Public High School
Large Public High School“We have experienced too many student crisis events. HopeCheck shows us who is struggling so we can reach out proactively.”
Profile image of University Retention Advisor
University Retention Advisor“Mental health is currently our top reason for low retention rates. HopeCheck is a vital tool to help me solve that.”
Profile image of K-12 Counseling Director
K-12 Counseling Director“This keeps students safe. Every student scores themselves at least once every 2 weeks during school hours.”
Profile image of Headmaster
Headmaster“Students can’t learn when they are seriously depressed or anxious. We have to get them help with that first.“
Profile image of First-Gen Advisor
First-Gen Advisor“It engages all 220 of my first-gen students every 2 weeks. So helpful! When I see low scores, I invite that student to meet with me.”
Profile image of Director, Student Inclusion
Director, Student Inclusion“Super easy! I sent in my list of student names and numbers and now I get a report every 2 weeks.”
Profile image of VP of Enrollment, State U.
VP of Enrollment, State U.“I think of it as an early mental health intervention program that roughly 25% of our students need.”
Profile image of Faculty, Academic Advisor
Faculty, Academic Advisor“When I see low scores, I invite those student to my office hours. I can refer anyone to counselors.”
Profile image of Superintendent of Schools
Superintendent of Schools“We give it to every K-12 counselor. Those who use it, love it. It helps us refer students to providers.”
Profile image of University CTO
University CTO“HopeCheck’s technology met all our requirements. We approved it quickly for all staff and student use.”
Profile image of Legal Counsel for District
Legal Counsel for District“Our counselors are fully protected. It satisfies all state and federal opt-in laws, and gets guardian permission when needed.”
Profile image of School Psychologist
School Psychologist“Asking about hope is brilliant. It avoids the stigma typically associated with mental health.”
Profile image of Black Male Student Mentor
Black Male Student Mentor“Mentoring works best when mentors know who needs help. HopeCheck tells mentors who to help.”
Profile image of Spiritual Advisor
Faith/Spiritual Advisor“I invite all students to voluntarily join my program. I use it to see who needs guidance.”
Profile image of Parent
Parent“I’m happy knowing the school is regularly asking my daughter how she’s doing mentally.”

Step 1) Send in your students’ names and numbers. We do everything else. You get bi-weekly reports (see below).

Step 2) Reviewers scan reports for red or yellow flags. We’ll send you instant text messages of any very low scores.

Step 3) See a student with a troubling score? Click “Invite to Talk” or “Refer” to get them the help they need.

Example of live report WorkCheck.

Pick an available meeting time for a 30-minute discussion.
That’s all it takes to learn everything about HopeCheck!

HopeCheck is a public benefits company started by a family foundation.
We only charge fees to cover the actual costs to run your program.

Cost = # of Students covered X per Student fee X Months contracted.

Student fee
10 month
50$ 0.50$ 250
100$ 0.50$ 500
150$ 0.49$ 735
200$ 0.48$ 970
250$ 0.48$ 1,200
300$ 0.48$ 1,425
350$ 0.47$ 1,646
400$ 0.47$ 1,831
500$ 0.46$ 2,278
1,000$ 0.41$ 4,067
1,500$ 0.36$ 5,367
2,000$ 0.31$ 6,178
2,500$ 0.26$ 6,500
3,000$ 0.25$ 7,500
3,500$ 0.25$ 8,750
4,000$ 0.25$ 10,000

Our Story

HopeCheck was started by a family foundation that lost a family member to suicide. We channeled our grief into creating HopeCheck to assist K-12 schools, colleges, and universities do early identification of students who may be experiencing a mental health issue.

Early awareness of mental health issues is recognized as the single most important treatment option. Schools are the best place to do early awareness. Schools can then refer students for proper care.

We are headquartered in Ave Maria, FL. We have 12 employees, including developers, business managers, and customer service team members. If you’d like to learn more about us, email us at [email protected].

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