The most important mental health
monitoring tool you will ever use.

K-12 School Counselor“I invite all my students to pull out their phone and join my HopeCheck line so I can track how they progress over time.”
University Mental Health Counselor“I spend 5 seconds a day scanning my report to see who is showing a persistent drop in hope.”
Private LMHC Counselor“When I see low or declining scores, I check-in to find out what’s happening and to offer ways to help.”

What we do:

Small issues grow into big problems.

If left untreated a small mental health issue can grow into a life-threatening crisis (e.g. depression, anxiety, bullying). The earlier a counselor knows about an issue, the sooner they can help. HopeCheck’s monitoring gives counselors the earliest sign that something is wrong and warrants a counselor’s attention.

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Better monitoring. Earlier intervention.

Counselors have always had a legal and professional duty to monitor students and patients. But manual monitoring is hit-and-miss and uses up time that could be spent counseling. HopeCheck automates monitoring. Our monitoring takes zero time. It is more quantifiable, science based, and informative.

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What is HopeCheck:

Avoid a crisis. Invite students or patients to join your HopeCheck line. Scan your reports. Check-in after you see hope scores dropping.

Sign up. K-12 and college counselors can sign-up here. Private counselors can sign-up for a free trial here.
Start Monitoring Students/Patients. Invite anyone under your care to text the word “join” to your HopeCheck line. That’s all that’s needed.
Review Your Daily Report. Reports show you any prior day’s HopeCheck scores. In five seconds you can see who is losing hope, who is improving, and who may need a check-in or follow-up.


A monitoring tool for any college or K-12 counselor, and any MD, psychologist, psychiatrist, therapist, or other mental health practitioner.
Legally, you need to monitor. Let HopeCheck do it for you! Quantifiable, predictive, consistent, highly secure, HIPPA, FERPA, PPRA compliant.
It’s as easy for you to use as reading a text message! Three minutes to sign-up. One minute a week to use. You’ll love the data you get.

Our story:

We care:

We are a public benefits corporation started by a family foundation in memory of our nephew Stevie R., 20, who died by suicide. We interviewed counselors to find out what they felt was needed to help someone like our Stevie. Counselors told us early intervention was the key to prevention. That insight led to the creation of HopeCheck. Please use HopeCheck. We built it to help counselors help others!

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