We measure a student’s hope outlook. Declining hope signals a student is at-risk.

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2022 CDC Adolescent Behavior Study says:


Of HS and MS students suffer from depression and anxiety. Their school may not know them.


Of students have made a plan for their own suicide. Their school may not know them.


Have attempted suicide, and seriously harmed themselves. Their school may not know them.


We measure student’s hope to keep them safe

Depressed and anxious students often hide their pain. HopeCheck invites students to self-score their hope outlook 0-10. Counselors review hope scores for any urgent intervention needs, and use the hope scores to assess students during any evaluation.

Why hope

Medical evidence proves students with no/low hope often engage in injurious behavior (cutting, eating disorders, even attempts at suicide). We track each student’s hope score over time so school staff can better assess and help at-risk students.
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Satisfies new legal obligations for schools

We help schools fulfill their legal obligation under laws like the STANDUP Act which mandates school-based mental health programs cover “warning signs of self-harm or suicidal ideation; methods that students can use to seek help.” We always respect parent and student rights.

_How does it work?

Helping students in 3 steps

1. Reach them by text

Students prefer texting so we proactively text students to ask them to rate their current hope outlook from 0 to 10. Why hope? Students with low or no hope are more-likely to be at-risk.

2. Focus on hope/caring

3. Proactively contact

_Easy to implement

Takes under 60 seconds to register as a HS or MS student
FERPA, PPRA and State Law compliant
A student's loss of hope is a strong indicator of self-harm. Measure their hope and keep them safe!

_Our Story

Why us?

We created the idea of tracking student hope as a mental health vital sign. HopeCheck.org is a public benefit corporation to proactively identify at-risk HS and MS students earlier. If we can prevent one student suicide, everything will have been worth it!
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